Thick White Vaginal Discharge

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This article is for the lovely mothers to be, and how you should not worry about the small changes that are taking place in your body. At this stage you would be going through many problems and some of you would just have started on this journey of pain. But trust me all this is worth it in the end when you will hold your lovely baby in your hand and kiss him/her on the head. It’s all worth it.

So ever wondered what are the basic signs of pregnancy, rather than the pregnancy test telling you so?

What Is White Discharge During Pregnancy?

What Is White Discharge During Early Pregnancy?

Well the basic sign in vaginal discharge. Now there are 3 types of discharge that gets released from the woman’s body.

First is, Creamy White Milky Discharge

  • This discharge can be the earliest sign of pregnancy, this discharge is generally odourless or has a mild odour.
  • This discharge happens at the time of ovulation.

Now, What Is Ovulation?

  • Ovulation is when the level of progesterone In a woman’s body is very high, this is the time when the body of the woman will produce heavy discharge.
  • Below I would tell you the kind of discharge you would have during ovulation and after it, don’t

Second discharge would be Thick White Discharge

  • This discharge can happen in two conditions, one is when you are about to get your period and when it’s about to be over.
  • Second time this discharge can happen is when the woman is in the third trimester of the pregnancy.
  • Your vagina has to be clean, that is why a lot of discharge takes place during this time period.

Third would be Clumsy Discharge

  • If you have a discharge that is solid and has odour, then it could be an alarming situation, as this shows that you might have infection.

The next thing that arises is that, is a white vaginal discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, if you have missed your period and you have a thick or creamy white discharge then it happens to be the earliest sign of pregnancy. Like I mentioned before, it is pretty normal if your discharge is heavy and more in quantity.

Now I will tell you a little more about the ovulation process. You may also check What is Brown Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy?

White Discharge After Ovulation : Is It Sign Of Pregnancy? 

Woman as we all know have discharge as various stages in life, whether it’s in menstrual cycles or when they are pregnant. The problem arises when they don’t know which one is which. So when you are ovulating, the discharge you will have that will be mainly white and watery, and this is very normal. But if you have discharge after ovulation that is a sure sign of being pregnant.

And I really hope this helped the mothers the progress, plus the ones that are coming up in the field. Just keep one thing in mind that it is not about the amount of discharge you have, it’s about the colour, odour of the discharge. If you have a clumsy discharge you better go to the doctor and get it checked before it cause you problem.

Also if you have itchiness, burning sensations down there then also go to a doctor because it could be an infection. Other than this, you don’t have to worry, just be happy. You are going to give birth to a lovely being.

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