10 Reasons To Get A Negative Pregnancy Test

10 Reasons To Get A Negative Pregnancy Test
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Pregnancy is something that makes people happy and gives a heart attack to some people. Woman who want to be pregnant, waits for the test to show them ‘positive’ and some women wait for that test to show ‘negative’. But what happens when the woman who is expecting but instead gets a ‘negative’. Sad right? But why would it show negative if the woman has all the signs of being pregnant? There are several reasons for that to happen, let’s find out?

10 Reasons To Get A Negative Pregnancy Test

Get A Negative Pregnancy Test

I’m Not Pregnant (yay)

  • Sometimes It is might actually be true that you are not pregnant. You might have been expecting a ‘positive’ but sadly love it’s not the time yet.
  • For some again this would be a sign of relief, when they are expecting a ‘negative’ and they get a negative.
  • When you are not pregnant your urine won’t have ‘human chorionic gonadotropin’, which is present in the urine of a pregnant lady. And because of this hCG, the pregnancy tests detect whether the woman is pregnant or not.

Testing In Hurry!

  • At times some women are so eager to know if they are pregnant or not, they test for the pregnancy too early, even when the hCG level has not been to the stage of detecting and then they see that ‘negative’ and become disappointed.
  • To be accurate a women should test for the pregnancy after 11 days when the hCG can be detected in your urine sample.

Irregular periods Eh!

  • Okay now, it’s pretty common to have irregular periods and you don’t have to ashamed about it, but at times these irregular periods create a lot of problem when you want to be pregnant.
  • Women who have regular periods are generally sure when they are pregnant, and they can always get a ‘positive’ result when they check, or when they miss the first day of their periods.
  • Whereas when you have irregular periods you are never sure when you would start having your periods and you can never be sure when to actually test for the pregnancy if you had unprotected sex. 


  • Many pregnancy tests can detect your pregnancy even when you are on medications. Some medicines also don’t effect the nature of your pregnancy, but at times some medicines with high dosage lead to a false report about pregnancy.
  • You might be on medication and you might get a ‘negative’ when you actually would be pregnant in reality. This has happened with a lot of women and is very normal. Don’t worry just take another pregnancy test.


  • At times the woman who is pregnant might go through hormonal imbalances, or if she is taking medications.
  • When woman are aging you would find certain signs that tell them that they aging, their eyebrows will get thinner and their skin would become dry. These are generally caused due to the decreasing level of estrogen in your body.
  • Just like this at times these levels only make it hard for the pregnancy tests to detect and hence they show the ‘negative’.

Defective Pregnancy Test

  • Though the government assures that all the guidelines should be followed while making pregnancy tests because they want it to user friendly and not harmful in nature, but at times some or two pregnancy test might be defective and could have come in the markets by mistake.
  • This is when you should always take two pregnancy tests and then you can be sure if one is defective or not.
  • Generally when this happens, you can go to the shopkeeper and ask for your money back, as you should not pay for a defective product.


  • Some women don’t really know that they can’t bear a child and hence they keep on trying and keep on getting disappointed.
  • At times it takes months of getting ‘negative’ results to know that there is something else that is wrong and then the tests follow.


  • Ever wondered why it is said that use the pregnancy test, on the first urine of the day. That is because that urine does not have any water and is pure in all its forms. The body collects all the hormones and make that urine, which is why it is perfect for a pregnancy test.
  • When you mix water with it, it somewhat becomes diluted and hence cannot be trusted, and at times it is because of the urine you get a ‘negative’ when you were hoping for a ‘positive’.

Ectopic Pregnancy

  • Ever heard the name of Ectopic Pregnancy? Yes this pregnancy could also be one of the reasons for a negative pregnancy test.
  • What really happens in this pregnancy is that, rather than the baby being develop in the uterus, it develops in the fallopian tube, hence making it hard for the pregnancy test to detect the hCG.
  • Women have light bleeding in this pregnancy which they take as periods, but it is not. If you have nausea and you also feel light headed then you should go to a doctor.  

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Miscarriage Or low level of HCG

  • Many women don’t realise when they are pregnant, at times they don’t even bother to notice that they are late on their dates and they start bleeding after some days, but with a heavy flow. This could be an early miscarriage because you were not aware of the pregnancy and you would just think this bleeding to be your late periods.
  • Next would be low level of hCG, if you have low level of hCG, it’s quite likely that the pregnancy test wont detect the hCG and the test would be ‘negative’. That is why it is said that you should wait for 11 days to know for sure.

Well I hope you are not worried anymore lovely ladies, and if you are pregnant then congrats and if you are not, but you wanted to be then better luck next time. And if it’s a negative and you wanted in to negative then Hooray. But if you didn’t want to be pregnant and you are, then better tell your parents and let them take care of the rest. 

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