Top 3 Pregnancy Test Tips To Check Your Pregnancy Results

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People did not know much about pregnancy detection until pregnancy tests came out during 1970’s and created a boom in the market. They have helped countless number of women to find out on their own whether they are pregnant without visiting the doctor. These pregnancy tests have incredible accuracy with a few of them even being 99% true and accurate. However, how dependable these tests are depends on how they are used and how well the subsequent results are interpreted.

It also depends on the time of the day and the date you are taking the test. The pregnancy test depends on the hCG hormone and this hormone may get overshadowed by other elements like caffeine and water if the test is not done in the morning itself when the hormone is most active. It also depends on the day you are taking the test, hCG is traceable only after eleventh day of conception. Most of the pregnancy tests fail because the test is taken too early and hCG hormone is not traceable. Even the women are either not experienced or maybe they are becoming a mother for the first time and therefore may not know how the test is done. As a result, the test fails.

Best Pregnancy Test Tips

Home Pregnancy tests give the best privacy to the women who do not want to disclose about their pregnancy before confirming it on their own. Most of the strips come with an instruction paper which many women tend to avoid conveniently.

The strips normally instruct to wash hands before using them but a few women tend to think that their hands are free of any contamination and use the strip leading to false results. The sweat in the palms as well as the usage of any lotion may affect the test results and women should wait till the urine travels towards the window gradually instead of just declaring that they aren’t pregnant. Most of the times they may be pregnant but due to impatience the tests may fail.

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First Response Pregnancy Test Instructions

Women love First Response Pregnancy Test brand for obvious reasons and one of them being the fact that they can tell beforehand whether you are pregnant or not if you are not having your cycles that month.

It is best advised to take this test on the day you have first missed your period or a few days prior to it. However, care should be taken to read the instructions properly before the test is done.

ClearBlue Pregnancy Test Instructions

Clearblue Pregnancy Test is another famous pregnancy test brand and although this test can be taken before one misses her cycles, it does not guarantee how correct the result is. If the woman in turn experiences a late period, then it could very well be miscarriage and as such this test is difficult to reach a conclusion as it is taken prior to one’s cycles.

We should remember that these all are devices that tell us whether you are pregnant or not but the best thing is to refer to a doctor.

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