Positive Pregnancy Test But Now Bleeding?

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You could undergo a pretty difficult time if your positive pregnancy test result turns into a negative one when you test yourself another time. The disappointment and social pressure coupled with doubts over miscarriage can take a toll on your mental peace.  So, here are a few measures to help you resolve the issue on whether you were actually pregnant or not.

Took A Pregnancy Test, Result Was Positive But Now I’m Bleeding?

In case all the above precautions were taken and yet the pregnancy test turned out to be negative at a later time, while it was positive the first time, then the likelihood of a miscarriage needs to be considered strongly.

Normally, it is observed that a lot of women experience early miscarriage without even knowing that they were actually pregnant in the first place. This is because miscarriage is generally expected to be a painful process, but it need not be always so.

If you received a positive pregnancy test result the first time and the result came out negative the second time, then it is advisable to consult your doctor to check for any sign of an early miscarriage.

Further, if you had a positive pregnancy result and yet started bleeding or see that blood clots are being passed the next month, then this could be another sign that you have undergone a miscarriage.

Another reason you could be bleeding after testing positive for pregnancy is if you have sustained an injury to your vagina or cervix and it does not always imply miscarriage. The blood vessels in your reproductive tract are more sensitive when you are pregnant and are therefore more susceptible to injury. As the blood flow is increased to sustain the growing foetus, any damage to the tissues can lead to heavy bleeding.

Further, bleeding can occur as easily as falling down on any hard object on the floor or hitting a table. It can also occur due to the use of tampons during sexual intercourse while you are pregnant.

Took A Pregnancy Test, Result Was Negative But Now I’m Bleeding?

For all women it is important to understand how the kit needs to be used for obtaining the correct results. Further, the quality of the testing strip plays a crucial role and it is imperative that the strip is not of cheap quality as that can lead to false results and more heart-ache.

So, it is good to avoid bad quality strips as well as strips made by unknown or lesser known manufacturers as the chances of they being reliable is pretty less. Another key factor is the expiry date of the kit used.

If the seller sells you a kit past its expiry date or if you have used an old kit that is past its expiry date, then the chances of a false pregnancy alarm are pretty high. This can lead to you proclaiming yourself pregnant before another test at a later time can dash your hopes.

So, take good care of yourself if you have tested positive for pregnancy previously and if the bleeding does not stop after a day in any case, always consult a doctor for the safety of your health. We think you must check out Pregnancy Test Tips To Check Your Pregnancy Results.

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