Implantation Bleeding Or Period : When Can I Take A Pregnancy Test?

Implantation Bleeding Signs of Pregnancy
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I remember the first time I held a baby, god it was so amazing and I loved every part of it. You know holding your child in your arms after 9 months of tantrums, cramps, bleeding and so much more, is an amazing feeling. Those small and delicate fingers and those cute but big brown eyes, makes the whole process worth it, doesn’t it?

Well before the child is really born, the mother has to go through many stages of pregnancy. I am going to talk about the very first stage of pregnancy which so happens to be Implantation Bleeding. We all must have heard this word somewhere, probably in books or when we hear someone pregnant talking or our moms.

What Is Implantation Bleeding?

Implantation Bleeding Signs of Pregnancy

It’s an early sign of pregnancy and this happens to 1/3 women who conceive. If you notice small spotting or a little pinkish bleeding in your underwear don’t think you are pregnant it is implantation bleeding, the earliest stage of pregnancy. Implantation bleeding occurs even before the morning sickness.

Some women often mistake this to be their periods, but this bleeding would be light and it won’t have the same colour as that of the period blood. But it’s just a slight difference.  

What Are Causes Of Implantation Bleeding?

Well first obviously you have done the deed, the foreplay is over and now it’s the time for the sperm to do the work. In, Implantation bleeding when the sperm fertilizes the egg, it becomes an embryo right? Then what happens is, it goes to uterus and implants itself with the lining. So when this embryo implants itself with the lining, it might damage some of the tissues which in return bleed and that is called Implantation bleeding.  This does not have any effect on the baby so you don’t have to panic.

What does it look like !

Implantation bleeding would be a little pinkish or brown in colour. And the flow would be really less. You might mistake it for a period but the colour of your period blood in bright red. The bleeding won’t be much, it’s more like a discharge.

When Does Implantation Bleeding Occur?

Implantation bleeding occurs after 6-12days of conception, which is generally the time when a women is close to her periods date. That is why one confuses it with menstrual cycles.

How Long Does Implantation Bleeding last?

Obviously now you all would have this question because I have been comparing it with the period blood for so long and you would be thinking why? Probably cursing the god like ‘if only periods weren’t enough, you gave me one more thing I am going to bleed for’. Don’t worry, Implantation bleeding only lasts for 2 days, maybe less than that, depending on the damage and your tissues. Relieved!!

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What Are Signs Of Pregnancy During Implantation bleeding?

Implantation Bleeding Pregnancy Test

There are no as such signs but if you want to know it’s just the same as what happens when you are pregnant, you would feel nausea, fatigue. You would want to use the washroom frequently for urination, might be more sensitive to smells and your breasts would feel tender.  

Well there is nothing to worry about if you have implantation bleeding, in fact it is a good news because it happens to be the first sign of pregnancy. But if you think that you have bled a lot, probably more than you should have then you should talk to your doctor. He would give you advice and probably at times a good news.

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