What Is Glucose Pregnancy Test?

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As for a woman when she is pregnant ,its not only that child is born but after that a woman also takes a second birth as a mother. So when a women is stepping into whole of this new world she need to take care of her as well as of her child. As she will eat for 2 lives , breathing for two souls. So, In this  course of time she need to be very caution.

In the same manner a woman undergoes various test that are timely scheduled  for her to keep a track of her as well as of her baby. So, therefore many such test are taken and one of them is glucose test .

Well as the name suggest it refers to the level of sugar in ones body. When a woman is pregnant she not only undergoes changes mentally but physically also with her body. It is basically to check one’s sugar level .

As for a pregnant lady she is required to check the content of glucose levels in her body.  According  to doctors ,  a women needs to undergo this test when she is in her 27-29 weeks pregnant.

As we all know that insulin is produced by our pancreas, when they are enable to produce enough insulin it forms the sugar  and it gets stored as when its not required to use in body as  energy. It is mostly needed more in woman body as that same insulin will be supplied to the embryo.

Women get this during pregnancy, as the content os sugar intake increase.

Glucose Pregnancy Test

Glucose Pregnancy Test is necessary because if your sugar level increases chances are that u might get affected by gestational diabetes that is a condition in which the sugar level increases and around 3-5% women generates this condition which is not at all good for there as well as for their child .

Similarly like a pregnancy test  this test know as GLUCOSE TORLENCE TEST {GTT}  can come negative and it can’t be detected just by one go and it might be positive but necessarily won’t be true. It helps in one way first way is screening i.e it tries to detect as many as women who all are positive and need further assistance and for the second step they need to take {GTT}.

It can  even happen before 23 week if your urine is showing high content of sugar in your body. Your doctor can check it further .

What To Eat Before Glucose Pregnancy Pregnancy ?

Basically, It requires to  check the content of sugar in your blood and it needs to check  at least 2 to 3 times by taking your blood sample. You will be required to take a last meal a day before the test and then you will be forbidden to take any food except for that you can drink water.

First the screening test will take place and you will be required to drink some glucose before the test and after that one hour test is taken. It is basically to check that how your blood dissolves /uses up the sugar content. If the content is 16-20% more than the required number then they are required to come back again for another test whose duration is more that the previous one.

After this for the second test you need to be full of patience as it require more time and as the blood will be used so it will be a long process. The doctor need to take a proper care when he takes blood samples then he need to  take it from alternate arms.

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Glucose Pregnancy ( Tolerance) Tests Results

Well the long  hours of this test will make you feel weired as to drink 7-10 times more sugar content after skipping meal can make you feel sick .

You first need to ask your dietician that whether you can have anything in between the three hour test as you were fasting overnight . The glucose intake is to high that you might feel sick in between and start vomiting .

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