Effects of Drug Use While Pregnant

Effects of Drug Use While Pregnant
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We all love little children and seeing them run around the house is probably the best sight in the whole world, but you know there are so many ways one woman can mess up the pregnancy and lose that sight, that image of her baby and that feeling of holding her baby will be lost to her. There are not many but some mothers to be who can lose their child because of their addiction to drugs and their failure to stop taking drugs when they are pregnant. Today we will study the effect of drug use during pregnancy and laws during pregnancy.

Long Term Effects Of Drug Use During Pregnant

Effects of Drug Use While Pregnant

There are many effects an unborn can have due to the drugs his/her mother is taking, I would like to start with,

1. Marijuana

  • Woman who takes marijuana, can expect her child to be prone to depression and the risk increases generally when the woman does marijuana in the trimester of her pregnancy.
  • Marijuana also stops the supply of oxygen that is needed for the baby in order to grow.
  • This drug also increases your chances of having a miscarriage, premature births.

2. Cocaine

  • If you take cocaine, it sure stays in your baby body way longer than it does in your body, you can just imagine the amount of damage in would do to your unborn child.
  • Cocaine is so fatal when taken in pregnancy that it can cause you excessive bleeding and can later result into death. Of you, as well as your child.
  • Cocaine slows down the growth of your baby and can result in a miscarriage as well as a premature birth.
  • Babies who are exposed to cocaine later in the pregnancy may suffer from, sleeplessness, tremors, muscle spasms and many more similar problems.

3. Heroin

  • This is the addictive drug, once the mother has inhaled it, the baby might just become dependent on the drug.
  • This drug can cause the baby to have breathing problems, low blood sugar when the child is born.
  • This drug can also cause the bleeding inside the head, which results in death in the later stages.

4. Alcohol

  • Alcohol does not seem all bad, but it surely does a lot of damage to your lovely unborn. It can cause problems in the face formation of the baby, it causes learning difficulties in your baby after the baby is born.
  • The children would be more aggressive in nature if they are exposed to alcohol, when they are just an unborn.
  • Alcohol also messes up with the height of your baby, your baby would be small and would have a little brain problem.

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Okay, I agree one might not release the problems that their habits are doing to the unborn children but we still have to be more careful, if these things are harmful for our body, obviously these things are more harmful for the developing babies in our bellies.

Laws Against Drug Use While Pregnant

You know there are certain laws for the pregnant woman who expose their unborn child to drugs, in Tennessee it is a crime if the woman takes drug while being pregnant, Women get prosecuted if they expose or take drugs while they are pregnant. You know around 45 states in US have taken up the law of prosecuting the woman who takes drug while she is pregnant. In 3 states those are Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin, if a woman takes drug during pregnancy she can be taken into treatment, whether she likes it or not.

Babies are born every day, but that is not a reason to kill one yourself. Give birth to a healthy child and be happy because children bring happiness one cannot compare with the gold.

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