Early Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

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Well yay you are pregnant! Don’t know that and you are looking for ways on how to know that for sure? Looks like you have come to the right place.

There are many ways with which one can find out if they are pregnant or not without waiting for a missed period to authenticate the doubt.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy 1st Week

Rise In Your BBT

Now what is BBT? BBT is basal body temperature. This is the most accurate sign of being pregnant, if you keep a check on your basal body temperature then you would notice a rise in your BBT when you are pregnant.

Tender Breasts

When your breasts are tender that shows that they are getting ready for the baby, as the baby would need your milk. Which would be provided through your breasts.

This is also one of the early signs of pregnancy. So if you want to make sure about your pregnancy then keep checking your breasts for any tenderness or soreness.


If you head feels light and you feel nauseous then that can be a sign of pregnancy. This probably would be the first sign after the adventurous night.

Food Habits

If you notice your food preferences changing day by day that could be a cause of pregnancy. If you don’t like what you loved at one point of time, this could mean that you might be pregnant.

You would have these early signs of pregnancy in your first trimester and you would notice these signs if you are observant enough because these things can go unnoticed very easily. So if you were trying for a baby then its celebrations for your people and if you were not then, then what? You are going to have a baby. Congrats.

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Early Signs Of Pregnancy Discharge

Implantation bleeding looks a little pinkish or brownish, it generally occurs close to your menstrual cycle date and some women mistake it for periods. But it actually happens to be the first sign of pregnancy.

This happens after 6-12 days after conception. Its not dangerous and you don’t have to worry about getting a treatment. You would not have much of a discharge but if you are having more of the discharge then it’s always safe to consult your doctor.

Other than these signs you can always have discharge that can show that you are pregnant. You would have more discharge during this time period and it could become more and more by the coming time. This discharge has different colors, for example in Implantation bleeding you would have a discharge which is of pinkish or brownish color. But if you have a discharge in a form of a cottage cheese then you should better go to the doctor because you could have an infection down there.

Generally when you are pregnant you would have lots of white thick vaginal discharge which would prove that you are pregnant. Along with this you could have cramping and muscle pain as well, these all could be the early signs of your pregnancy. And always be aware because they can go unnoticed.

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