Top 10 Early Home Pregnancy Tests

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences for every woman and as such it is natural to expect the news to be shared with everyone. This makes it important to confirm the pregnancy with proper proof so that unnecessary headaches and heartaches can be avoided in case it turns out to be false. Hence, it is important to perform the pregnancy test through the right methods. You must be thinking, “What are the best pregnancy test methods at home?”. So, here we will discuss early detection methods of pregnancy which can help you take care of both yours and the baby’s health better and also take measures to prevent miscarriage as well.

Best Home Pregnancy Tests

In order to detect early, women undertake a number of tests and it is necessary that they use good quality testing kits which guarantee a highly accurate result. Here are 10 early home pregnancy tests that can help ring the pregnancy bells correctly. Also check, Best At Home Pregnancy Test Methods.

1. First Response Pregnancy Test

First Response Early Result is one of the most famous early pregnancy test that is favoured by a lot of women and as such can be relied upon to show the correct results. This kit should be used 10 days after ovulation and one of the highlights is that the results are provided in such a manner that they are easy to decipher.

Early Home Pregnancy Test

First Response Gold is another favourite of consumers similar to the previous one and this one has the advantage that it displays a result in the form of “Yes” or “No”, thereby giving a clear-cut answer on whether you are actually pregnant.

2. Clearblue Pregnancy Test

Clearblue Easy is a pregnancy test that should be till four days before you miss your period. This test also provides a verification that the right amount of urine has been used for the test by turning the tip pink.

Best Home Pregnancy Test

Clearblue Easy 2-in-1 does the same as above and provides an extra feature as well. It can help predict how long you have been pregnant with a range of three weeks. Target brand’s test that is normally a store brand is cheaper than the ClearBlue tests and provides a 99 percent accuracy as well. Similar to Target, Walmart’s store brand, Equate is also available on the cheaper side with an extremely high accuracy of prediction.

3. Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test

Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test

Dollar Tree home pregnancy test is a winner in this list given it is available for just one dollar and is surprisingly accurate 99 percent of the times. The usage is simple as the test needs to be done a day after you miss your period. Further, this test takes just 25 milli-litres of urine to confirm the pregnancy which is another positive point.

4. CVS digital Pregnancy Test

CVS digital Pregnancy Test

CVS digital pregnancy test is a dependable store brand similar to the previous two and is known to deliver accurate pregnancy results, making it a good choice.

Home Pregnancy Test

If you can’t afford expensive market test then try these homemade pregnancy test for quick pregnancy check.

  • Bleach is one of the famous home-made pregnancy tests where the cup of bleach is observed for signs of foam and bubbling as urine falls into the cup.
  • Another home-made pregnancy test is the change in colour of dandelion leaves when they come in contact with urine.

In all the above cases, it is advised to visit a doctor after the tests if it gives a positive result so that pregnancy can be officially confirmed.

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