Dealing With Depression During Pregnancy!

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Anxiety is very common in the pregnant women because your body is going through many hormonal changes and this gives rise to other changes as well. Its okay if you are worried about your baby or if you are worried about what to eat while you are pregnant, nobody would judge you, but let’s have a closer look at why does it happen more in the pregnant women.

If you are just normally worried about your baby’s status or how the baby is doing, or worried about its health that is normally fine. But if you are being consumed by your anxiety and you can’t concentrate on anything else that is when you need to stop and meet a doctor. Because this anxiety is very bad for your health and as well as for your baby’s health. Your stress can lead you to have a premature baby or a light weight baby which obviously is not good.

Dealing With Anxiety During Pregnancy


There are several reasons why anxiety effects more woman than men and especially pregnant women. It could always be work tension that leads to a major issue in the head. Fertility struggles could also be one of the reasons. If you have some complications during your pregnancy.

We all know that if your are head deep in your anxiety and its taking control of your health then it is a bad thing. So how does one get rid of anxiety?

Start by talking to your husband or someone you trust. It could be your doctor or your mother, anyone. Second would be that whenever you have a doubt about anything check it instantly, don’t let it brew in your head, give it away. Free your mind of stupid thoughts. Do meditation, get your mind off of everything. Read a book, distract yourself from the thought that is disturbing you. Support groups become very helpful at such times, get help from such groups if you are going through problems.

Women just don’t have anxiety they have depression as well, one could be having depression before pregnancy and after pregnancy as well. We will discuss both the factors.

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Depression During Pregnancy – Effects On Baby

Science has proved that it becomes harder to get pregnant if you are depressed or stressed. It messes up with your ovulation period and that can cause some problems in getting pregnant. You want to be pregnant but cannot take the negative result more, and its starting to take its toll on you. That is probably the good time to get your mind off of things like these.

Go outside, get some fresh air, meet your friends or probably talk to someone about your problems, get things off your chest, because if it stays there it would probably bother you more than you can imagine and that will make it harder for you to get pregnant.

Depression has some what same kind of effect on your body, just as anxiety. This is basically caused due to many reasons one could be because of hormones, or you might have a history of depression, genetics can play a role in this and many more reasons. Its always good to get rid of all this, you can use the same techniques.

The only thing that is necessary is you get your mind off the things that are bothering you. Rest will be taken care of on itself. Well I hope this helped you upcoming mommies. And I wish you all the best with your lovely time at being pregnant.

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