What Is Brown Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy?

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All of you girls would have gone through that phase when we don’t want to wear white pants or don’t want to go out and have fun because it’s that time of the month? Well have you ever noticed the brown vaginal discharge that happens during this period? Want to know why that happens?


At times some of the blood in your body takes longer to come out, which then turns brown because it gets old. That is when you notice brown discharge or brown spotting in your underwear. When you are pregnant this basically does not mean much. It does not mean that your baby is in trouble and it’s not harmful. The common cause is irritation because your vagina is super sensitive when you are expecting. If you are near to your due date the brown discharge could also mean that your baby is about to arrive soon. Brown discharge could also mean upcoming miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy, which happens due to the complications in placenta. Or it could be because of an infection in the uterus.

Brown Discharge After Periods

If you have brown discharge after your periods that simple means that your vagina is taking out the bad blood which has been stored for a long time and took time to come out. Which is why the colour is brown. This may happen when you are ovulating.

Brown Discharge Between Periods 

It’s actually nothing to really worry about, you might have brown vaginal discharge between periods and this happens because of the expansion of ovaries. PCOS mainly causes brown period blood or brown discharge. You can have brown discharge during periods because of hormonal imbalance as well which can be cause by contraceptives, menopause.  It could also mean that you have STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease).

Brown Discharge Instead Of Periods

Brown discharge as I stated above is caused during pregnancy as well, or when you are trying to conceive. It also happens during Implantation Bleeding which happens after 6-11 days after the sperm has done its job. This is also a sign that you can be pregnant. IT could also mean that you have an infection in the uterus. There are some people who have discharge regularly. Birth control can also cause brown discharge. It can also depict that you might have a miscarriage.

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Well!! We girls have to go through so much don’t we? First it was studies, then boys, then menstrual cycles which causes s so much problem every month because mother earth cannot tweet us saying “congrats you are not pregnant”. They have to make us go through pain.

So today you got to know what the brown discharge, if your discharge is like a cottage cheese then you should go to the doctor or if it smells bad. Generally the discharge does not have any odour. I hope you loved reading it and I hope I solved your problem.

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