What Are The Best At Home Pregnancy Tests?

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Women are taking advantage of the fact that most of the pregnancy kits are available nowadays by their nearby shops. However, these tests were not available till 1978 till two scientists named, Judith Vaitukaitas and Glenn Balaustein devised a test that could even detect the faintest of hCG in their urine.

Best At Home Pregnancy Tests

When it comes to best at home pregnancy test then, he strips are extremely affordable and also, they come with a very handy manual which is very easy to understand. You need not necessarily be a doctor to understand the manual and decode the instructions written in it. So, it is a very easy thing to go to any medical shop and pick up a pregnancy strip, it is as easy and simple as grocery shopping from a grocery store.

Is Home Pregnancy Test 100 Accurate?

Every women who test at home have a common question in mind, ” How Accurate Are Home Pregnancy Test? “. But, Let us clear you, along with being extremely affordable, home pregnancy tests are also, accurate which makes them more of the women’s choice. A woman can choose where to do the test at her own safety and has no privacy concerns. Though these strips and tests are very affordable but few of them cannot afford to buy these and test whether they are pregnant or not, so the best thing for them are the home pregnancy tests.

The home pregnancy tests are affordable, easy and again, they do not risk the identity of the woman who does not want the people to know about her pregnancy. They are also the age-old methods used by older women, the only issue with there are no accuracy, the tests will not be completely true. No matter what it is, women should try and make it to the doctor and if they cannot make it to the doctor then atleast they should try to afford these pregnancy tests and strips that will be available in any medical shop.

How Early You Can Take At Home Pregnancy Test?


There are many factors to keep in mind before taking the tests at home. Few of them being, knowing when to take the tests.

  • Women should know that their urine in the early morning are free from any contamination. They are not diluted by water or caffeine. The early morning urine will have the right amount of hCG to know whether they women is pregnant or not.
  • The second thing they should know is that the storage that they are using is completely sterile. The storage space is not contaminated and doesn’t have any extra elements that may affect the test results. The containers should be cleaned and dried.
  • Another risk involving these tests it that, the time of the tests taken, it completely depends on the woman whether she wants to take the test immediately after having sex or after fourteen days of ovulation. The best test of pregnancy is to consult a doctor than taking the things on your own hands.

One of the most famous test is the bleach test. A container containing some amount of bleach, the women then drops a little bit of her urine in the container and if the contents froths and fumes then she can safely assume that she is pregnant, this is one of the traditional methods of pregnancy tests and these tests do not have any assurance along with them.

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