How Accurate Are Home Pregnancy Test?

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Women nowadays enjoy the comfort of getting to know about their pregnancy at their home itself by using various means and methods. Though not all of them are accurate and acceptable but sometimes we make ourselves believe in the imagination that we are not pregnant but the fact is that we are pregnant but do not know how to perform the tests and even if we know, we sometimes make little errors that change our results. The perfect pregnancy test would be going to a doctor or a gynecologist and get checked.

Pregnancy Test Strips


Pregnancy test strips are so easily available nowadays and very affordable that anyone can buy and take a pregnancy test. These strips are very easy to get and can be shopped in a medical shop like groceries in a grocery store. What we conveniently forget is that there are chances that the tests may fail.

Pregnancy Test strips come with instructions written which can be read and understand even by a layman. Yet none of the tests are as confirming as the doctors’ tests. There are many factors including in the pregnancy strips.

The strips should not be touched without drying hands, this may affect the moisture levels and the test results may change. The test should be done when you urinate for the first time in the morning. The first urine is uncontaminated and free of water and caffeine. This may get diluted once you start having water and the water will dilute the urine. If this happens then the hCG hormone can become overshadowed by the presence of water around. Also, it also depends on the time the test is being taken, the test will fail if you take it immediately after having sex.

Types Of Home Pregnancy Tests

The home pregnancy tests include the bleach test which is one of the most famous tests. There are two things you need to keep in mind before taking the test, the utensils used in this test should be completely dry and clean. The utensils should be sterile and uninfected.

The second thing is, the woman should take the test early in the morning. The home pregnancy tests survive because there are few women who cannot take the pregnancy kits because they cannot afford them. So, they solely depend on the home pregnancy tests to know whether they are pregnant or not.

Bleach test includes a container with a certain amount of bleach in it, if the urine causes a froth and fume in the bleach then she is pregnant, is what is assumed. This is not the right way to find out about Pregnancy.

The second way is that a woman should urinated on a dandelion flower and if the flower turns blue or drastically changes color then you are pregnant. These tests have no scientific reason behind them but as they come from the older generations, they are still in practice.

How Accurate Are Home Pregnancy Tests?

The home pregnancy tests are not completely dependable but are affordable for few women. The best advice would be to save some money and check with the doctor.

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